How to be Ketogenic and Plant-based

This article is dedicated to helping others who are interested in gaining the benefits from both a plant-based approach and a ketogenic or low-carb diet. Plant-based diets are considered to be high carb (meaning they have a lot more carbohydrates than low carb diets). Whereas, the ketogenic diet is an ultra low carb diet requiring…

Glycemic Index for Vegetarians and Vegans

Typically people who choose to eat a plant-based lifestyle do not need to worry about the glycemic index (GI). But those who are trying to lose weight on a lower carb diet, heal disease, overcome candida, or who are diabetic may be interested in this post. Why might this be an important consideration even for…

Reverse Aging with Glycine Supplements

February 16, 2017 / Tracey Porter Nelson, MALC, M.Ed. A recent rat study showed that glycine supplementation extends their lives from 88 weeks to 113 weeks (the median rate) and a maximum rate of 91 weeks to 119 weeks.[1] This included significant reductions in fasting glucose, insulin, IGF-1, and triglycerides.[2] Glycine is a nonessential amino…

What I Make Sure to Eat Every Day

To get enough nutrients on a plant-based diet, it is pretty important to get enough leafy greens in. This is how I accomplish that. I make sure that my body never misses out on the rich supply of nutrients these two meals have in them, so I eat these every day for breakfast and lunch….

My Weight-loss Strategy

Strategy for Weight Loss NOTE: What I do and what you may choose to do could be totally different… and that is okay. This is just what works for me. I have the greatest success losing weight by: a) eating raw foods during the day and cooked food at night, b) making food prep as…

Easy Plant-based Meals

I thought eating a plant-based diet was going to be hard to learn how to do, but I was wrong. I found that I already knew how to make the foods that I would eat most of the time. This helps a lot if you are anxious about leaning new recipes or worried about taste….

Supplements that are not Optional for Vegans

January 1, 2017 / Tracey Porter Nelson, MALC, M.Ed. I am not one to advocate taking a lot of supplements. Not like I used to in the past. But there are some nutrients that are just not an option. This is particularly true for those nutrients that our diets just do not provide enough of…

Hunger: The Feeling of Pounds Melting Away

Today I am hungry. This is not something I am used to on my usual diet. As you may know, I lose weight steadily on my raw-till-4, fruitarian diet. The most remarkable thing about it is that I don’t calorie restrict. I can eat up to 2,500 calories/day (average 1,900) and lose weight. In my first…

Eating Raw: Extend Life with Live Food Enzymes

“The physical body is born with a certain amount of enzymes to maintain health and vitality. When these enzymes are depleted in the physical body the body becomes diseased and gradually expires… in this ‘civilization’, due to improper eating habits, we have knowingly or unknowingly reached a point where our bodies are severely depleted.”– Dr….

Changed Thinking about Food

How eating a mostly raw-vegan diet can ultimately change how a lover of cooked meats feels about “rabbit food.”

Fruit and Diabetes

There is a lot of controversy over eating a lot of carbs or fruit if you are a diabetic. Is eating lots of fruit good for diabetics? Let’s examine this question from both sides of the debate.

Best Health Advice based on Research

If my family and friends only had time to read one article on health, I’d suggest this one. I present the most effective, research-proven strategies to optimize overall health and reverse disease. Even if one has reached an advanced stage in disease progression or age, significant improvements or total reversal can be achieved even for such ominous conditions as heart disease, arterial rigidity (high blood pressure), cancer, autoimmune diseases, joint/muscle pain, and diabetes. I back up these recommendations up with hard evidence from studies with the most impressive and consistent results.