Changed Thinking about Food

Since I began eating a mainly a fruitarian, raw-till-4:00 PM diet, I can take in all of the calories I desire and still lose weight. Consequently, I have noticed a major shift in my thinking about food. I think that is because my body is thanking me for making the choice to eat most of my calories from raw plant-based foods. After 4:00 PM, I will eat cooked vegan foods).

The first change came when I realized how eating food in its whole, raw state has become what feels right to my soul these days. As a matter of fact, if I stay away from cooked food, I will have no inclination whatsoever to choose something baked or processed; not as long as I can have a banana, carrot, or a green smoothie instead. Boy, I can’t tell you how major this shift in my thinking is for this ol’ gal!!!

I know, I know. For anyone who knows me that may sound a bit strange since I have advocated a raw food lifestyle to everyone I could over the past 28 years. Nevertheless, I only saw it as a necessity for me if I got into a health crisis. Consequently, I had no qualms eating fast food or processed junk food any time the need or desire arose.

It was never something I would have chosen to do if I could help it. I believed that other foods were just way better tasting and satisfying. So I reserved going raw for seasonal detox fasting. However, I wouldn’t have chosen it as a lifestyle unless it was an emergency.

In fact, the last thing I would ever think of doing was to reach for a piece of fruit or a vegetable if I was hungry or craving comfort food! That is because I honestly did NOT believe that those types of foods could truly satisfy my hunger.

Still, I knew eating raw food was the healthiest diet for the human body. Of course, I would have chosen to live that lifestyle if I had been confident that I could find a way to make it palatable enough to satisfy me. However, I didn’t have the time to learn a completely new way of preparing the raw food to make it tasty enough.

Apparently, I never thought to just learn a new dish here and there and gradually transition over. I guess that is because I tend to be an all-or-nothing type of person. I have dieted my whole adult life, so I think I had too many mental hoops to jump over as I viewed the raw lifestyle as just another diet (in other words, drudgery). Because I always had to psych myself up to get ready for the deprivation that comes with caloric restriction, the idea of only eating raw fruits and veggies made that prospect even harder.

But that has all changed now that I no longer have to deprive myself of calories. I was amazed to actually find myself craving these healthy morsels above anything else. What’s more, when I see people eating brownies, sandwiches, and meat I am actually repulsed by the idea of putting something so foul into my body.

The problem with diets for me was all of the extra thought and effort that came with the shopping and preparation of new recipes. Yet it has been the desire to make our meals faster and package them in convenient, disposable plastics that has poisoned our food chain and our bodies.

The other day, I watched a show where someone was advocating a plant-based lifestyle. Yet they were teaching them to shop for food down various aisles of bagged, boxed, or canned convenience foods, all of which require us to pollute our world and our bodies with the packaging it contains. Do I eat some of those things with the cooked portion of my day? Yes. But I try to stick to whole foods from the produce aisle as much as possible.

Then I remembered how happy I was to find that fruits were no longer “off limits” to raw foodists, vegans, and diabetics. What that means is that I have access to the fastest food on earth. What is that, you may ask? A banana! Yummy! Could you have gotten me to choose a banana over a cookie or sandwich in the past. No way! What a big change.

Another thing I am noticing is that I don’t want to eat animals any more. This is a first for me. I just can’t see me doing that anymore. I am not going to become an activist or to judge others if they prefer to eat meat. There are three reasons I won’t eat meat unless it is part of a special holiday dinner being offered to me.

  • It is unhealthy. Saturated animal fat has been linked to diabetes as it gums up the cell receptors creating insulin resistance.
  • The population of the earth is growing exponentially and we are reaching our carrying capacity. We have already polluted the earth with our consumer-based lifestyles causing mass animal die offs and extinction. The next things to happen to us is that we will use up all the food and water:
    • There will not be enough land to grow the food upon.
    • Climate change will cause more drought.
    • Over population will pollute and drain our fresh water supply.
    • Climate change will create weather that is highly destructive to crops.
    • Eating vegan only takes a fraction of the land and water it takes to raise animals upon.
  • Eating animals is disgusting and cruel when I really think about what I am doing. Pictures like these helped to convince me that just isn’t right (for me, again, I don’t judge).


Will I eat a turkey with family for Thanksgiving some years? I am not going to say I will never do that again. But the idea of killing something so I can eat it is not making sense to me. And as a Christian, it seems silly to put death into my body when Jesus came to bring life.


Copyright by Over 50 Diabetic Frutarian on November 18, 2016.

You have permission to share as long as there is a link included back to this blog and you do not reproduce in print form without contacting me first (through the comments section, below).




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