Eating Raw: Extend Life with Live Food Enzymes

“The physical body is born with a certain amount of enzymes to maintain health and vitality. When these enzymes are depleted in the physical body the body becomes diseased and gradually expires… in this ‘civilization’, due to improper eating habits, we have knowingly or unknowingly reached a point where our bodies are severely depleted.”– Dr. John Ray Whitman

Of course we all know that eating fruits and vegetables are important for their fiber and nutrient content, but did you know that they contain another important substance that can extend your life? I am talking about enzymes.

We are born with the ability to make so many enzymes so we can’t take more enzymes to replace what we lack don’t have. However, we can use strategies to help us preserve the ones we have.

If we eat cooked food, unfortunately, we will lose vital enzymes needed to run the rest of our body. That is because they have to leave the important jobs they were doing to help us digest our food. These lost enzymes can never be replaced in our system. Once they are gone, so are we! Finite! Bye-bye!

One way to extend our lives is to eat a diet rich is raw or live foods. Cooking above 118 degrees kills the enzymes in our food so our digestive system must rob our own bodies from the limited number of enzymes that they produce to do the job. The way that raw foods can help is because they contain enough enzymes to start the breakdown process in our stomachs on their own without any assistance from us. That is why when we go on an all fresh fruit and vegetable detox fast, we get so much energy and lose so much weight despite eating all the calories that we want.

What’s more, the enzymes contained in plant food can help with the process known as glycolisis more quickly, and important process for turning sugar into ATP. If you like learning about that sort of scientific stuff, you may want to check out my article on Diabetes and Fruit.



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